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Pre Max & Pre Everything Wig

Pre Max & Pre Everything Wig

Pre everything wig meaning

Pre-everything wig refers to a type of wig that comes with pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline, and possibly other pre-treatments or enhancements. In other words, all necessary styling and preparations have been completed before the wig is sold or worn, allowing you to simply take it out and ready to wear.

ISEE Pre-max wig

Maximum Lace Size: upgraded 9x6 pre-cut HD lace, the largest lace size in its class. Large lace sizes offer natural beauty and styling options, ensuring you can rock any look with confidence.

Mini Knots: Thanks to the pre-bleached tiny knots technology, the result is an almost invisible appearance, allowing you to say goodbye to the telltale signs of traditional wigs.

Match Ear Shape: For glasses wearers, say goodbye to discomfort with our C-shape ear protection design. Whether beginner or a seasoned wig wearer, you don't have to worry about the wig cap pressing against your ears.

Movable Combs: we've equipped with removable combs inside the back and both sides for 100% secure fit during active moments. It still stable for daily wear without any combs.

Mimic Forehead Contour: Unique fitted cap design that the lace curvature perfectly fits the forehead without any gaps or rolling edges.

This is a pre-max wig should be! Beginner-friendly, super natural-looking and comfortable.

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