Early in 2022, ISEE first debuts the Wear Go wig concept. Looking back on how ISEE's Wear Go wig has changed over the past two years, it is clear that ISEE is committed to ongoing exploration, modification, growth, and the introduction of new approaches, concepts, and technologies in order to enhance the Wear Go wigs for the benefit of giving customers a better wearing experience. I invite you to read this post to learn more about ISEE Wear Go Wig's inventive journey.

ISEE Wear Go wig history

May 2022-innitial standard Wear Go wigs

Wear Go wigs as a game changer, first proposed by ISEE, ISEE's original standard Wear Go wig, has the following features.

July 2022-unveiling the 3D Dome Cap

ISEE is customer-centric, and we are constantly listening to their needs and improving our techniques. In just two months , ISEE has updated the structure of its wig caps inspired by the valuable feedback from stylists and customers, use 3D Dome Cap as the new Wear Go wig cap.

1.More breathable and comfortable: 3D Dome cap and without adhesives needed which allows air circulation and scalp to breathe freely. It’s good for natural hair growth, and it promotes healthy scalp.
2.Secure and fit: Cap with specially construction design and elasticity band perfectly on your head. No need to worry about the slipping off.
3.Beginner friendly, Easy: fast installation and removal.

Oct, 2022-upgrated 4*6 lace

In October 2022, After years of constant adjustments, we further upgraded the lace area from 4*4 to 4*6, in order to ensure its versatile and stylish. From 4*4 lace to 4*6 lace, ISEE has always thought of its customers and is committed to producing the most flexible and functional wigs for them.

April 2023-pre-bleached lace wear go wig

In April 2023, ISEE was the first company to launch the pre-bleached lace Wear Go wigs. This is accomplished by using our professional and mature technique to bleach black knots into a brownish or blond tone to create a scalp-like lace area. As you can see below, pre-bleached Wear Go wigs makes the wig look more natural, It gives the illusion that the hair is coming out of your own scalp.

August 2023-tiny knots and glass approved design

The production team of ISEE strikes for excellence and was not satisfied with the current Wear Go wigs. The end result is the "Wear Go V5", a new generation of Wear Go wigs with tiny knots and glass approved design, which was introduced in August 2023.

What are the benefits of ISEE Wear Go wig V5 Wig?

Tiny knots-single grid; single strand

we take every single strand and fix it into the single grid one by one. Using a unique wig weaving technique to Simulate the natural growth of hair strands. By doing so, Even up close, it seems to be hair emerging from the scalp.

Ear-shaped unique “C” design

The 3D dome cap has a new shaped unique "C" design in the ear area, allowing women who wear glasses to wear the wig comfortably.

Pre-bleached clean knots

The combination of tiny knots and pre-bleached clean knots is impeccable! which gives the illusion of the hair growing out of your pores.

Snug hairline fit-fitted glueless wig

The 3D cap structure is designed for a snug fit, with the lace front flush, not cocked. It hugs your forehead perfectly. Achieve a natural fit to your hairline even without gel!

Upgraded anti-slip elastic band

Wear Go V5 cap with wider , improved elasticity band and silion anti-slip feature inside the wig cap also helps add an extra layer of security.

In conclusion

Our customers are important to us, ISEE will continue to work hard to provide customers with better wig products!



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