Highlights and Streaks are two popular ways that can add depth and texture to your hairstyles. But they're always confused because they're so much alike. So in this article, we will help you understand what are hair Streaks and Highlights, the main differences between them, and other more you may interested.


What are Streaks

In several fashion publications and on social media, hair Streaks have been making a comeback recently. Streaks are a hair coloring technique, which means coloring larger sections of hair in bright colors. It's great if you want a bold and dramatic effect.


What are Highlights

Highlights and Streaks apply the same coloring principle, except that the Highlights coloring the hair with thin pieces of hair using lighter hair dyes. Compared to Streaks, Highlight hair gives off natural and discreet appearance.


Main differences between Highlights and Streaks

Starting from definitions, Highlights color thin strands of the hair, while Streaks involve large amount of hair.

In terms of appearance, Streaks show off a bold and flamboyant personality, as the color of Streaks come in dramatic colors such as purple, green, and red. However, if you want to try a personalized, but not over-the-top, more natural and elegant hairstyle, Highlighted hair can be your answer.

Despite the fact that these two hairstyles are fairly similar, there are important differences when it comes to price. Highlights are more expensive to achieve, whereas Streaks are cheaper. This is due to the fact that Highlights requires the use of aluminum foil, is more serious about level of stylists and takes more time.

Advantages and drawbacks of Highlights and Streaks

Pros of Hair Highlights

● Creates a more natural and elegant look.
● By adding thin pieces of lighter color, it can be a great way to elongate vertical and horizontal extensions, giving the illusion of volume, depth and texture.
● Highlights may make your complexion even more radiant.
● Colored hair needs to be replenished often because when the root regrowth grows out it can be very unsightly. However, for Highlight, since the coloring area is very small, even if the root regrowth grows out, it will not be too obvious, so there is no need for frequent color touch-ups.

Cons of hair Highlights

● Highlighting your hair in very small sections is time consuming and painful.
● The use of hair dyes can be very harmful to your hair, causing it to fall out and dry out.

Pros of Hair Streaks

● Because it contrasts more with your base color, hair Streaks gives a bolder and more striking effect.
● Hair Streaks take less time and are relatively simple and uncomplicated, which means it needs less money and more affordable.
● Streaks are versatile. You can achieve a shift in hair color from pink to green in a shorter period of time because the color is not permanent and will fade over a period of time.

Cons of hair Streaks

● The process of hair Streaks is more damaging to the hair than Highlights because the coloring is done on a larger area and more amount of dye and bleach products is used.
● Once you've chosen hair Streaks, be prepared to go for frequent color touch-ups!

How should you care for hair Streaks or Highlights?

We all know that when you dye or bleach your hair, it’s inevitably to go through the process of losing color. Because shampoo has a stronger cleaning ability, the coloring on it is easier to wash off. So we recommend choosing a shampoo that contains color-fixing ingredients, which can prolong the "freshness" of the hair color.

What is the difference between Highlights and lowlights?

Highlights and lowlights both add extra Streaks of color to the hair that are different from the base color of the hair (emphasis on the use of contrasting colors).

Highlights are pieces lighter than your base color, while lowlights are darker than your base color.

What is the difference between Highlights and lowlights

What is better, hair Streaks or Highlights?

Actually, that's hard to answer. There is no better or worse, just representing two different hairstyles, personalities or preferences. If you are outgoing and want to make your hair stand out, then Streaks will be more to your liking. If a more natural, somewhat heartfelt look is preferred, embrace Highlight!